General Insurance

Corporations encounter threats and risks as the world become more complex. Not responding to such threats and risks is equivalent to exposing oneself to greater losses. For the proactive and alert entrepreneurs, preventive measures are sought to address and minimize the impact of such threats and to seek supportive financial remedies for the aftermath.

Great Vision consultants are trained to assist companies in ensuring the best route to manage those risks. They are skilled to customize financial solutions to address different needs and situations.

General insurance includes house insurance, car insurance, contents insurance, travel insurance and so on. In fact, general insurance is a catch all term for everything but life assurance. General insurance covers events that may or may not happen, such as accident, fire or theft, as opposed to life assurance, which covers an event that will definitely happen sooner or later, such as retirement or death. The aim of taking out any insurance policy is to compensate you following a loss so that you are, in general, as well off - but no better off - than you were before the loss occurred.